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Beach 21 - Pacific Plasma Natural Hair and Skin Moisturizing Spray with Na-PCA 12 fl oz 355 ml

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This natural skin and hair moisturizer Uses Aloe and Na-PCA which is a naturally occurring ingredient derived from plants, fruits and coconut oil. Our Skin Naturally contains PCA and as we age the levels drops drastically and our bodies aren't able to retain the same amount of moisture and more moisture loss is generated through evaporation.  This formula works to retain moisture in your skin as well as absorb ambient moisture from the atmosphere, leaving your hair and skin moisturized and smooth.


Pacific Plasma is our In-House product designed with our customers in mind.  Many of the products on the market today cause irritation to those with many different skin problems due to synthetic scents and other additives.  This product development stemmed from friends, family members, and customers suffering from similar ailments. With the use of all natural ingredients we have developed a product aiming to provide aid to dry, aging skin without causing irritation. With regular use, this product has helped with sensitive skin issues such as dermatitis (Eczema), Rosacea, and Psoriasis.  Pacific Plasma helps to relieve redness and irritation from such skin ailments as well as turning back the clock on aging, wrinkling skin.


What is Na-PCA?-     

Na-PCA (Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid) is a hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs ambient moisture from the air.  It will bind with moisture molecules and retain more moisture in your skin, naturally reversing aging caused by the loss of Na-PCA in your skin. 

In beauty products there are three ways to generate younger healthier looking skin/hair, they are as follows:

  • Occlusion- Reducing the rate at which your skin looses moisture from evaporation.
  • Humectants-  This is something that is applied to your skin to assist in attracting ambient moisture to your skin to increase the amount of moisture.
  • Restoration of the Deficiencies in your Skin/Hair- Determining the mechanism causing the moisturization process to fail and treating it. 

Through countless hours of research we have discovered the best way to treat the deficiency of moisture in skin and hair is to add the key ingredient that diminishes over time, Na-PCA.  After a little more research we realized we had stumbled across a product that not only treats the failing mechanism within our bodies (Loss of PCA in our skin), but also contributed to all three main areas that generate younger, healthier skin.  Our Beach Plasma Spray increases water retention rates, acts as a humectant to bind with ambient moisture, and restores the deficiency in our skin that causes aging, dry skin. 

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Francisco Oct 21st 2019

Sea Plasma replacement.

Looked all over for Sea Plasma replacement. This product is very close. Please don’t discontinue. Thanks!

Claudia Taylor Sep 29th 2019

Beach 21 pacific plasma

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