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Beach 21 - Pacific Plasma Natural Hair and Skin Moisturizing Spray with Na-PCA 12 fl oz 355 ml

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This natural skin and hair moisturizer Uses Na-PCA which is a naturally occurring ingredient derived from plants, fruits and coconut oil. Our Skin Naturally contains PCA and as we age the level drops drastically and our bodies aren't able to retain the same amount of moisture and more moisture loss is generated through evaporation.  This formula works to retain moisture in your skin as well as absorb ambient moisture in the atmosphere, leaving your hair and skin moisturized and smooth.

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1 Review

Will M Aug 2nd 2018

Perfect substitute for SEAPLASMA

My wife and I used to use SEAPLASMA from a different brand. When we could no longer find it we decided to try the Pacific Plasma from Beach 21. I really wish we had switched sooner. This product works better and smells better too. It also seems like this company focuses on natural ingredients which my wife especially appreciates.

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