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Nioxin Stage 2 Cleansing shampoo strengthens hair at the root while simultaneously removing DHT from your hair follicles thus promoting growth in thinning hair. Nioxin Stage 2 Cleansing shampoo adds volume and is intended for noticeably thin hair.
Nioxin Scalp System Therapy 2 is a conditioner designed specifically for noticeably thinning hair. This volumizing scalp conditioner strengthens hair at the roots while simultaneously moisturizing the scalp. Its unique combination of essential oils, special anti-oxidants, and enzymatic complexes helps to suppress DHT and provide that high volume and clean look you desire.
Nioxin Scalp Treatment System Therapy no. 2 is a leave-in treatment that is designed for noticeably thinning hair specifically. This daily scalp treatment will thicken the appearance of thinning hair and add needed volume while also strengthening hair from the root up with a unique combination of nutrients, essential oils, special anti-oxidants, and enzymatic complexes. Scalp Treatment System therapy no. 2 also contains SPF 15, thus protecting against harmful UVA/UVB rays.

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